How does it work? brings mechanization news and supply & demand together in a single online platform for all mobile devices. To be able to place your ads you require an account. With an account you can post, manage and maintain your offers quick and easy. Once you have created an account, then you simply have to log in and upload your offer.

Create an account

Step 1 Account information
Enter your display name, username, password and email address here

Step 2 Profile information
Enter your personal and company details

Step 3 Activate account
Activate your account using the confirmation email in your mailbox

Go to to create an account.

Account activation

After creating your account, you receive a link by e-mail to activate your account. When you did not receive this email or the time in which you could activate your account expired, you should enter your email address used when creating your account on the page linked below, and click continue to receive a new activation link in your mailbox.

Go to to activate your account.

Forgot your password

Forgot your password? Click the link below and enter your email address and press continue. You then receive an e-mail with instructions to reset your password.

Go to reset a password.

Placing ads

You need an account to place your offers of tractors or machines. As described above. Following the steps below to place your offer.

Step 1 Manage Data
Provide category, brand, details and a description of the machine

Step 2 Manage Media
Select and add image(s) and video(s)

Step 3 Preview and Check
Check and approve the data in the example

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